Immagine dall'alto del complesso - General House
Il Complesso - General House

The Casa Cornelia property is located on Via della Maglianella and is the General House of a Religious Congregation, the founder of which it is named after.
The property consists of a total of four houses, with a total covered surface of around 700 square meters, immersed in a park with olives and tall trees, which extends for about 5,600 square meters.

Dati Catastali - General House
Planimetrie - General House
Guarda le planimetrie - General House
Zona - General House

Casa Cornelia is located on Via della Maglianella, 379, in the Urban Area Casalotti di Boccea, supervised by the 13th Roman Municipality, a high-density residential and commercial area.

The property lies near the GRA (Great Ring Road), Boccea exit, and the location is well connected to surface public transport.


Online university, recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education), with courses such as Economics, Law, Engineering, Psychology, Formation Studies and Political Studies.

Acquisto - General House

IMC Consulting, thanks to the expertise in managing Religious and Ecclesiastic properties for over twenty years, will provide you with seamless, timely and impeccable assistance through all the due diligence, bidding, authorization and acquisition process:

Due Dilegence - General House
Analysis of possible intended use - General House
Contracts - General House
Notary deed assistance - General House
Administrative, Ministerial and Vatican authorizations - General House
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If you are interested in the acquisition of the Casa Cornelia property, do not hesitate to contact us
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